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Taciele, Dany De Castro — Dany DeCastro has many secrets between her legs, whereas Taciele is pretty much out in the open with his. And thus begins the debate about guys who experience and relish the love of trannies. Taciele, you will note, assumes a standing position. Subtle, but authoritative. A matador ready to grab the bull by the balls, if you will. Taciele is probably a good guy who began dating women without a scrote and then something went very wrong. Who can say. Maybe it was the lack of a good catch in the fishing village or perhaps a little league umpire who extended friendship in a peculiar manner after he called, "Ball two." These things must be assessed forensically on an individual basis.

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Dahlia Sin Naughty Bloopers 1
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Dahlia Sin, Kylee Reese, Jayden Williams — We won't even speculate what the beautiful firecracker Dahlia Sin could be finding so fucking funny. If we were caught in bed with a guy who looks like that, we'd be blowing our brains out or trying to explain the grievous mistake to our irate parents. We credit Dahlia for her sense of humor, though, as we do Kylee Reese and Jayden Williams. You have to have to have one to be a porn chick especially with some of the ludicrous situations you're placed in. Oh, god, we want Dahlia so bad. Why is she with this pot bellied stove when she could be with a modern appliance like us? It's not fair.

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Teagan Summers Naughty Bloopers 1
Teagan Summers Naughty Bloopers 2
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Teagan Summers, Taisa Banx, Presley Maddox — What do Teagan, Taisa and Presley have in common? Beside the fact that they are are all ridiculously attractive, all three of these young ladies have a fondness for watching two men interact sexually. They especially enjoy it if they have the honor of forcing one of these men to choke on the other gentleman's erect penis. Call them crazy, but the sight of a grown man choking and gasping on a large slab of tube steak is just the thing they need in order to get wet. And, believe me, what they want and what they need comes light years ahead of whatever their husbands might need. Those boys are just happy to be in the room while their wife is getting laid.

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Eva Naughty Bloopers 1
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Eva, Olivia Saint, Vic Sinister — Put three porn girls together in a room and it's a natural recipe for chaos. In fact some Big Bang Theorists have advanced the notion that enough nuclear energy was created at the mere idea of Eva, Olivia Saint and Vic Sinister some time walking the planet Earth in the future that it begged to be created. You won't be reading this account in the Book of Genesis, however. In the good book you do read some account of Moses tying his ass to a tree and walking ten miles. But Holy Moses, imagine if the asses of Eva, Olivia Saint and Vic Sinister were in his troupe walking the desert. Moses wouldn't have had enough tablets to break at the idea of all the commandments being violated while he was checking out burning bushes. In fact, we can think of a couple that get us rock hard. And you may think of a few yourself checking out these ladies in the video clip.

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Amai Liu Naughty Bloopers 1
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Amai Liu, Brooke Banner — With the name Amai Liu you'd expect someone playing safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And you'd be quite wrong. Relatively new to the porn biz, and therefore subject to on-set pranks and general kidding around, Amai is a perky, adorable [even when cum-drenched] and slenderish Asian chick that weighs in at approximately 78 pounds soaking wet. On the other hand, Brooke Banner's been in the business six years which is the equivalent of lifer in San Quentin math. Girl's like this are hard to fool and less inclined to accept rubber checks and promises of stardom. But the attempt to get one by them now and then still proves irresistible.

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